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Track shoes and moon rovers are no longer in fashion
Track shoes and moon rovers are no longer in fashion

Even the most fashionable look can be spoiled by one outdated thing. It is the anti-trend that will attract the attention of passers-by, so you should choose either classic or relevant styles.

Some sneakers, stiletto shoes and uggs should have been thrown out of the closet long ago. OBOZREVATEL tells about five pairs of shoes that will go out of fashion in the fall of 2023.

Track shoes should only be worn in the mountains.

The Alpine style was popular a year ago. Everyone wore brightly colored sweaters with patterns and mountain boots called tracks in 2022. You can fit them in the closet today, but it is worth throwing models with artificial fur away. These sneakers have nothing to do with ski style and do not make the look better.

Stiletto boots look vulgar.

Stiletto boots are out of fashion and look vulgar. They help to visually elongate the legs and correct the figure. However, most models with such a heel have long been irrelevant, and it's not just about fall and winter shoes. Wide and massive heels are in trend today.

Uggs with rhinestones are no longer in fashion.

Uggs can be found decorated with many things, including fur, stones, key chains and buttons. These decorations do not show a sense of style. Uggs are a controversial element of the closet in general and they are difficult to find in stores nowadays. However, if you can't give them up, choose monochrome models without decorations.

Platform running shoes need to be chosen correctly.

Platform sneakers are the number one antitrend in 2023. It is completely irrelevant and long wear can harm health. The weight is distributed unevenly and blood circulation is disturbed.

Moon rovers look ridiculous

Length up to the middle of the calf, the top of waterproof fabric and a small flat platform: such boots were almost the most popular winter footwear a few years ago.

Moon rovers have become a sign of provincial style today. They lose to leather in terms of aesthetics and practicality. The foot looks twice as thick and the fabric is not always high quality, easily torn and split at the seams.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about comfortable heel shoes. The feet will not get tired even during long walks.

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