He keeps quiet about the war in Ukraine, but praises the USSR: where has rapper Seryoga disappeared from the jury of the "X-Factor"?

Back in 2010, the Ukrainian TV channel STB launched a project "X-Factor", where one of the jury members was the Belarusian rapper Seryoga (real name - Sergey Parkhomenko). In 2013, the musician received an indefinite leave to remain in Ukraine. He lived in two cities: Kyiv and Kharkiv. He said how much he liked our country, and gladly toured it. But after the full-scale invasion, Seryoga briefly disappeared from the information field, and soon reminded himself, appearing on propaganda Belarusian TV.

Now the artist occupies the judicial chair in the project "Factor. BY", a Belarusian adaptation of the "X-Factor". By the way, Putinist Sergey Sosedov, with whom the rapper liked to have scandals on the Ukrainian show, joined him there. OBOZREVATEL offers to find out what is known about Seryoga's position and how he looks now.


Parkhomenko became famous at the beginning of the noughties. The hit "Black Boomer" brought him real fame, and the tracks "Near your House", by King Ring, and others strengthened it. Ukrainian listeners also loved the defiant rapper, so his appearance in "X-Factor" made many people happy.


Seryoga decided not only to work in Ukraine but also to live here. Here is what the musician said about our country in 2021 in an interview with Gordon: "The country for life, the country for love, the country for creativity. It is the same for me now".


However, when full-scale war broke out in the "country for love," Seryoga "nobly" kept silent. While the occupants bombed Kyiv and literally wiped out Kharkiv (the artist lived in both cities), he took an indifferent and silent position.


Seryoga soon found himself on propaganda TV in his homeland at the judge's table in the show "Factor. BY. The performer did not directly support the bloody terrorist war, but his actions and statements about the USSR speak for themselves.


So, Seryoga is a big fan of "the old days. Like the dictators Putin and Lukashenko, he misses the Soviet Union and dreams of reviving it. In addition, the rapper openly supports the self-proclaimed president of his country. For example, in July 2021, the hip-hop singer performed at a propaganda concert during the Kupala holiday in Belarus. After singing the song, the artist expressed his full support for the "mustached cockroach" by publicly hugging him and shaking his hand.


And already in January 2023, Seryoga confirmed his pro-Russian position. The rapper visited the Minsk Suvorov Military School. During his tour, he reflected on the "right values" that were laid down during the "Sovok" era.


"This patriotism on which the Suvorovites are brought up here with the help of teachers, traditions, through spiritual values, passed down from the great Soviet state, which now doesn't exist. But in this corner, its spirit is present for me. Thanks to all this, I have hope that the young people of Belarus will follow the right path," the rapper said.


He also added: "Order, discipline, wholeness, commitment to historical traditions - this is what characterizes Belarus and all the human manifestations we encounter here. Once again, I reiterate that I have hope that it is here, on this earth, that may be a force has already been born and is forming, which will give humanity hope in the fight against another force that has challenged all mankind. What is happening to us, what is happening on our borders and in our immediate neighboring countries? We have to brace ourselves, prepare ourselves. As the president says: "If you want peace, prepare for war.


Note that Sergei was married to Ukrainian dancer Polina Ololo, by whom he had sons Mark and Platon. The couple parted with much scandal and litigation. As a result, the court decided to leave the sons with their father, despite the fact that Polina told about the constant physical and psychological violence from the ex.

Previously, OBOZREVATEL wrote how the life of the winner of the eighth season of the show "X-Factor" Mikhail Panchyshyn has changed. Now he serves in the ranks of special units of the AFU and gives concerts in support of the military. All the details are in our material.

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