Germany will scare with "glittery" rock and Finland will rock with the track Cha Cha Cha: the most flamboyant participants of Eurovision 2023

The most outrageous participants of Eurovision 2023

Once upon a time Ukrainian Verka Serdyuchka conquered the whole Europe with her epatage and bright number at the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, many have tried to do the same effect on the audience and, truth be told, they succeeded, because Eurovision is not only a vocal and song battle, but also a show. The brighter the show, the more viewers gather in front of the screens. This year was no exception.

Some musicians, it seems, are really going to shock Eurofans with their outrage. We will tell you about the trash participants of Eurovision-2023 in the article of OBOZREVATEL.

Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha (Finland)

Everyone has probably heard about the representative of Finland this year. The track with the eloquent title Cha Cha Cha tells the listener how to let go of everyday worries and enjoy life. Käärijä is not afraid of shocking tricks in public, so we can safely assume that in the first semi-final, where the artist will perform, we are in for something extraordinary and really crazy on the stage. And yes, it was Käärijä who moved Ukraine from the second position to the third in the bookies' rating. So, this year's flamboyant Finland is predicted a silver medal at Eurovision.

Let 3 - Mama ŠČ! (Croatia).

"Mama kupila traktora" and "Mali, podli psihopat" are lines from a song by the Croatian rock band, founded in 1987, Let 3, which will represent its homeland at Eurovision 2023. If you watch the clip of the song, you'll see that the musicians poke fun at some image of a petty and crazy man who is "sick" with nuclear warheads and the desire to destroy the whole world. Doesn't that remind you of anything? Of course, nobody mentions Putin directly, but we all understand. The band promises to please the audience with a spectacular number, or should I say, a performance. They will perform in the first semifinal as number 7.

Lord Of The Lost - Blood & Glitter (Germany)

Germany is also surprising this year with its epatage. Although the word "shocking" is more correct here. "Blood and Glitter" - so the name of the contest song of the German industrial-glam-gothic-metal band Lord of the Lost is translated. No one knows yet how the audience will like the band's crazy number, but the bookies have them in 15th place in their ratings. After Germany came in last year in last place at Eurovision, the spectacular revenge, apparently, we should not wait for.

Pasha Parfeni - Soarele si Luna (Moldova)

Shamanic motifs of the representative of Moldova this year bookmakers also did not appreciate much and put Pasha Parfeni on the 19th position in their list. But maybe the mysterious track in the genre of ethno pop, the name of which is translated as "Sun and Moon" will be appreciated by the audience. Pasha Parfeni will also perform in the first semifinal on May 9th.

Luke Black - Samo Mi Se Spava (Serbia)

Serbia presented to Europe last year, too, a rather unusual track and a number for it. Remember Constrakta and her clapping with an aloof look to the song In corpore sano? By the way, it was the song that inspired Luke Black to participate in the national selection for Eurovision 2023, where the guy won. Now he will perform in the first semifinal of the international competition at number 3. The Serb will present a song about his own isolation from the world, but also about evil, which is possible to overcome - you just need to wake up.

Recall that the representatives of Ukraine TVORCHI will perform at once in the final of Eurovision, as our country won in 2022. The duo will enter the stage and will fight for the victory on May 13. Read where and when Ukrainians will watch the finals in our material.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 took place on May 7 in Liverpool. All participants from 37 countries walked along the traditional "turquoise path", in particular the representatives of Ukraine - duet TVORCHI. They appeared at the large-scale event, watched by millions of Eurofans around the world, wearing symbolic costumes.

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