From meeting on the street to Eurovision - 6 years: what you might not know about TVORCHI

TVORCHI has become famous in Ukraine in 6 years

Less than a week is left until the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, where the TVORCHI duo will represent Ukraine. It took about 6 years for the band members, Andriy Hutsulyak and Jeffrey Kenny, to meet in Ternopil and participate in the prestigious show.

During this time, the musicians managed to become famous not only in Ukraine but also abroad. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you some interesting facts from the stars' biographies that you might not know about (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Participants were not brought together by music

Andriy Hutsulyak and Jeffrey Kenny met on the street by chance, when the Ukrainian approached the Nigerian to test his English. They found they had a lot in common - a passion for music and studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ternopil.


Hutsulyak and Kenny have a long history with music. Jeffrey sang in the school choir. Andriy had a solo career, working with foreign music labels

Young musicians wrote about 15 songs in a year

The future winners of the national selection began working together in 2017, when they released their first two songs - Slow and You. A year later, the guys recorded their debut album The Parts, which included 13 songs. The following year, TVORCHI gave concerts and gained an audience.

TVORCHI had an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Eurovision Song Contest

The musicians failed to win the 2020 national selection. In the final, they performed the song Bonfire, but took 4th place. Go_A went to the competition with the song "Solovey".


The Ukrainian YUNA award has been recognising the musical achievements of artists since 2020. They have won in the nominations "Best Electronic Song", "Best Pop Band", "Best Concert", "Best Album", "Best Song in a Foreign Language" and other awards.


Heart of Steel song dedicated to Ukrainian heroes

The track to be performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is dedicated to the defenders of Azovstal. The literal translation is "Heart of Steel". The stars also used the title of the single to help prematurely born babies.

On the eve of their departure to Liverpool, TVORCHI became ambassadors of an important project called "Caring People Save Children's Hearts". The goal of this initiative is to raise UAH 10 million to purchase 10 incubators to save premature babies. On the "turquoise carpet" during the opening of the show, the artists appeared in costumes with the names of such babies written on them.


OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier:

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