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Non-trivial image ideas for summer 2023.

Always wearing basic combinations? It's a win-win for every day, but it looks too simple and boring. Especially in summer, when there is a wide choice of bright things and accessories. Incorporate accents into your images, and each of your outings will be spectacular.

What stylish tricks can bring your outfits to life? Find out in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. The bag with the accent

This accessory does not necessarily have to be massive or in a bright palette that contrasts with your clothes. You can choose a model in a non-trivial texture or shape. For example, wicker, decorative straw, linen and so on.


2. Bright top instead of white or black

With this trick you will make a stylish transformation of the image. Replace the top with a bright (yellow, orange, green, blue or red) or with an interesting pattern (in the form of an image of a famous painting, with an "aura" or "landscape" print).


3. Headwear

In summer, hats not only save you from the heat, but also add accents to the image. Do not limit yourself to caps. Wear straw hats with not too wide fields, panama hats, scarves, bandanas and headbands. And, of course, any of these options should be in light colors.


4. Accent blouse or shirt

For cooler weather, instead of a jacket, jacket or cardigan you can wear a stylish shirt in bright colors or with prints. If your closet has only models in a classic palette, tie them in a knot or asymmetrically fasten them. So familiar things will look in a new way.


5. Accessories

This is one of the easiest ways to add an accent to the look. Wear with the base massive earrings, a pendant, a bright bracelet or fix your hair with a bow. Avoid jewelry with precious stones. More relevant and nontrivial are those with enamel.


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