Found under the rubble in Uman: Ukrainian musician who wrote songs for Jamala died. Photo.

Volodymyr Makarovskyi

On April 28, 2023, a well-known Ukrainian musician from Mykolaiv, Volodymyr Makarovskyi, was killed in a missile strike on Uman. The man performed in the rock band Foxtrot, wrote songs and boasted virtuoso guitar playing.

The artist's death was reported by his colleague Anton Slepukhin on Facebook. He called the vocalist a "signature rocker" and admitted that it was Vladimir who taught him how to perform quality rock in English (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"A senior comrade, a musician, a teacher. The most branded rocker I've ever known. He was the one who made me understand how to perform quality rock in English. A good man, a real Indian. He was born in the wrong place. I can compare him to many Western vocalists without hesitation. He also died in the wrong place," Slepukhin wrote.


In addition, it became known that the Ukrainian singer Jamala was well acquainted with Makarovskyi. The deceased was the father of her friend and a co-author of several of the singer's famous songs. According to the star, her three-year-old granddaughter will never see her grandfather again.

"Russia never tires of terrorising us. My condolences, we will not forgive," Jamala wrote on Instagram. And on Facebook, under the tragic news, we read comments from network users who knew the musician: "It is hard to part with such a person. He was a teacher, a friend, and an example in many ways. He had so many plans, wrote so much good music. He was writing such a great album, a truly outstanding one, and he didn't have time for everything."


OBOZREVATEL recently reported that Andriy Kaseniuk, a Ukrainian rocker from Kamianske, Dnipro region, was killed in the war. He played in the band SilverTown and later became the commander of an army reconnaissance unit in the Lysychansk-Kreminna area.

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