Forget the heat: 5 summer dresses that are comfortable even at 40 degrees

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Stylish outfit ideas for summer 2023.

In summer, no heat can scare you if you wear a dress made of the right material and cut. The fabrics should be natural to make the body breathe. This is linen, silk, satin, cotton and viscose. It is desirable that the clothes should not fit too tightly to the body, be oversize or semi-fitted.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which dresses are the best to save on hot days. They are not only comfortable but also relevant for the summer of 2023.

1. Shirt dresses

For summer, choose free cut models made of light fabrics. Avoid old-fashioned outfits with 3/4 sleeves. You can style the image with dark glasses and a bright bag.


2. A-line silhouette

Slightly fitted dresses make the look light and feminine. Choose for summer any length that is comfortable for you. The main thing is to choose dresses made of thin natural fabrics, which do not let the light shine through. Combine the outfit with sandals, slingbacks, mules or sneakers.


3. Lingerie style

Slip dresses resemble a strappy negligee. This style will be a nice base for any basic closet as they give a touch of playfulness and make you look feminine. For a casual look style them with sandals or elegant  low-heels slingbacks. For evening walks, choose mules or sneakers.


4. Crochet

Here we are talking about delicate crochet weaving with whimsical patterns. Crochet is moderately transparent. It is advisable to wear them with monochrome bodysuits, so as not to get into a fashionable disaster. Such dresses are best combined with open sandals, mules or slingbacks.


5. Open back

Dresses with a slightly open back (necklines or dropped shoulders cut) are some of the most comfortable on hot days. They can be worn on their own or combined with a light shirt or jacket.


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