Fleeing cowardly: Ukrainians greeted Buzova in Switzerland, who supports genocide, and reminded of the murdered children

Buzova was spotted in Switzerland

Ukrainians in Switzerland accidentally met pro-Putin singer Olga Buzova, who supports the genocide and terrorist policies of the Kremlin. As it turned out, the singer can speak boldly about her criminal position only on camera, while in life she is used to cowardly running away from provocative questions.

In particular, the artist ignored the question about the murdered Ukrainian children and destroyed cities. The video was distributed online (to see the photo and video, scroll to the end of the page).

According to the authors of the video, the Russian woman stayed in a luxury hotel in Zurich, where she was greeted by the administration.

"Children are being killed in Ukraine, and here the Russians are standing? I wonder. Let her tell you how she supports the war. Or you, Buzova, show footage of murdered children and destroyed cities. Olya, come here. What are you afraid of, what are you running away from? Bastard," you can hear on the video.



After that, the performer turned around and ran away from the Ukrainians in the direction of the elevator. She did not say a word about her position.


"A creature named Olga Buzova just came out. We talked to her, if you can call it a dialogue. She just cowardly ran away into the elevator," the Ukrainian summarized.


As you know, Buzova has repeatedly demonstrated her support for Putin's regime. At the end of October 2022, she unexpectedly arrived in occupied Donetsk, ostensibly as part of a humanitarian mission. On camera, the star revealed that she was helping the occupiers.

By the way, earlier Olga Buzova complained that she lost a million rubles ($9300) because of the actions of the sanctions. The hotel in Courchevel, where the star could not fly to because of the cancelled flight, refused to refund her money.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, Buzova also willingly works for propagandists. In one of her tracks, she complained about being heartbroken over a man who allegedly ran away from her to Georgia because of sanctions.

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