Five secrets of Italian women which will allow to look unsurpassed even in the heat. Photo

Give preference to monochrome outfits

In the summer season it is a little harder to be elegant. Makeup starts to melt right away, you can't let your hair down because it will be wet in 10 minutes and you can't even wear your favorite outfit because of the wrong fabric. But even in the stifling heat Italian women manage to look fresh and elegant. Their stylish tricks should be taken into consideration today.

OBOZREVATEL tells about Italian women who are envied by all fashionistas and use these smart tricks. The Italians, like the French, have their own tricks (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

One-color outfits

Despite the fact that Italian women themselves are very bright and emotional, they try to avoid flashy outfits. Even in summer, these hot women choose black tight dresses that look gorgeous even without accessories.


2. Quality shoes without a high heel

Heat, paved Italian streets and high-heeled shoes do not go well together. To feel comfortable and be ready for any turn of events, ladies from Italy buy quality flat-soled sandals of a discreet color and combine them with any bow.


3. Lipstick

Italian women can't leave the house without a bright red lipstick even in summer. If their outfit is too simple, makeup can always save the situation. Matte lipstick is the best friend for the heat.


4. Measure is everything

Since these women have a sense of taste, they cannot go out in a short skirt and open neckline. Italian women will choose one thing. If they are in the mood to wear a mini today, for the top they will take a discreet blouse made of natural materials.


5. Nude manicure or no coating

In the summer, beauties from the boot-shaped country try to give their nails a rest. This is not to say that they do not care for their hands at all. Girls give preference to a nude, barely seen coating, or just carefully trim the cuticle and file the nails.


As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, in the summer of 2023 at the peak of popularity will be the cowboy style, barbicore and balletcore. Also relevant this season is a style called "quiet luxury". To learn more about it, follow this link.

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