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Wear light jeans in summer

With jeans you can pick up a million images, because it is a timeless classic that is worn at any time of year. Full girls are wary of denim products, as they want the models to lengthen the legs, correct the waist and hips. If a lady picks the right cut, she is guaranteed to feel like a goddess!

OBOZREVATEL shares what variants of jeans will sit perfectly on puffy forms. Complement them with an on-trend top and shine (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

1. High waist jeans

High-waisted jeans have several important functions. Firstly, they should hide the flanks and belly, and secondly, tighten the waist in volume. Such a model will change the accent in the figure and it will look like a perfect hourglass type. Under no circumstances choose a product with a low fit, although it is now at the peak of popularity.


2. Straight cut jeans.

This is a great option for ladies who have wide hips. They will not accentuate the problem areas and will make the legs proportional. And to elongate them, wear shoes with a heel and don't dare to tuck your trousers.


3. Banana jeans

Jeans, which are named after the fruit, work on the principle of high-waisted denim pants. They taper at the top and bottom and are gathered with an elastic band or ties. The main rule is don't buy a model that is too tight, which will make you look tight. Ideally there should be two fingers between the jeans and the waist, the same amount between the thighs and the fabric. This volume will visually hide unnecessary folds, emphasize your waist.


4. Flared jeans

If your problem is full calves, then by no means highlight them! Flared pants will make the figure more harmonious and visually emphasize a beautiful waist and hips. In addition, the flared pants are still relevant.


5. Jeans with stripes

Jeans with stripes - a vertical stripe along the entire length, will stretch legs and make them look thinner. This element can be different colors and made of different materials. But don't forget the rules above, your best friends are a high fit and a loose fit.


As OBOZREVATEL was told earlier, there are three main mistakes in the selection of pants for women over 50 years. They will not add elegance to the image and give away bad taste. Our selection includes overly decorated pants and leggings. Read more at the link.

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