Five fashion trends summer 2023, which can not be missed: will turn into a femme fatale. Photo

Fashion trends of summer 2023

Summer like never before we want to experiment with style, add bright colors to the images and play with accessories. Treat yourself to bold combinations and unique details that will be appropriate in both beach, casual and evening looks. It's important to learn how to style this season's viral trends to look confident and stylish.

The list of trends this year includes a wide range of styles and styles. Here you'll find both stylish denim, in which you can look a bit daring but still elegant, and lightweight dresses that will add grace to your image. See all the details in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

Cropped top combined with shorts


This is a base, without which it is impossible to imagine a hot summer period. However, do not think that the duo "top + shorts" is only a beach option, which is not suitable for urban style. Consider elongated shorts, such as bermuda or jorts. Combined with solid-colored tops and low-cut sandals, as well as Cossacks or sneakers, they will look extremely stylish and expensive. However, do not be afraid to add color to your outfit - trendy shades of pink, blue and other colors will definitely look appropriate in your summer closet.

Airy light dresses


This summer maxi and midi dresses are on trend. Choose airy fabrics such as cotton and linen to create an elegant yet comfortable look. Also pay attention to dresses with crochet necklines or pleated details to add romanticism, such as dresses with knots. In these models, you'll be ready for any event, from a walk on the beach to an outdoor party.

Denim skirt


Still don't have a denim skirt in your closet? We will not call the fashion police, but we recommend as soon as possible to correct this situation. Short, long and midi - absolutely all styles are on trend. The more denim, the better - which is why you can safely combine a denim bottom with a denim top. For example, a top of the same material or a shirt. Denim skirt can be worn both casual and more elegant style, rock version or bohemian, as long as you do it according to your taste and character, using the full potential of this iconic clothing.

Capri pants


No one thought, no one guessed, and capri pants took and broke into the list of summer trends 2023. This trend is very good for a casual look: you can combine capri pants with a simple white T-shirt and basic sneakers or with a masculine oversized shirt and ballet flats. And if you want to create a more elegant look for an evening out, create a combination with a blazer and an open bra - the result will surprise everyone.

Mesh dress


If you are finally ready to show the world your courage, then this fashion trend is for you. Clearly, it's not the best idea to wear a translucent dress for a walk downtown. However, if underneath you wear monochrome shorts and a top or a short basic combination, then why not? And on the beach, a mesh dress will perfectly complement your swimsuit, whatever style it may be.

Recently OBOZREVATEL wrote about those models of summer dresses that age and make you look fat. To avoid fashion failure, put away products with an inflated waist, with a large print and pleating. All the details are at the link.

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