"Finland should have won": audience reaction to Sweden's victory at Eurovision 2023

On the night of May 13 to 14 in Liverpool, the winner of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest was decided. In 2023 the crystal microphone went to Sweden - the victory was brought to her country by 39-year-old Loreen with the song Tattoo. The singer became the second in the history of the contest who managed to win it twice because she had already become the triumpher of Eurovision in 2012. In the network, Loreen's victory caused a heated discussion. Not all of the audience was happy about her second victory.

OBOZREVATEL gathered the reaction of the network to the results of Eurovision-2023. The appropriate part of Internet users believes that this year's winner should have been Finland - the epathetic rapper Käärijä with his fiery track Cha Cha Cha.

And it's not surprising, because the Finn won by a vote of the audience, getting as much as 376 points! By the way, from the Ukrainian audience, he got ten, and the Ukrainians gave the highest mark - 12 - to Poland.

But back to Käärijä. Professional judges from different countries also evaluated the contestant very well. From them, Finland received 150 points. Combined with the spectator vote - a total of 526 points.

Sweden was only 57 points ahead of Finland. Loreen got this victory thanks to the jury because almost every country gave her the maximum of 12 points. But the Swedish singer got much fewer points from the audience than Käärijä - 243 points. As a result, Loreen won with 583 points.

After the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, Ukrainian viewers rushed to share their opinions about the results of the contest. Some of them supported Loreen and sincerely congratulated her on her victory, while others started to write that in 2023 there were more worthy candidates for the crystal microphone. In particular, we are talking about Finland, of course. Followers flooded social media with comments with the lyrics Cha Cha Cha and wrote that it was the Finn who should have been this year's triumphant winner.

"Ugh, the Finns were 100 times better. Bought victory," "Finland should have won," "And for that, I stayed up until two in the morning?", "Finland may not have been the best vocally, but the way everyone yelled 'Cha Cha Cha' and danced is a high mark and appreciation for the performer. Finland, you deserved to win this one," "The Finns are so much better. Obviously, the win is for them. Loreen is overrated", "It's not her cup!", "Finn van lav", Ukrainian Eurofans share their opinion.


Internet users also wrote that they liked Croatia with its sarcastic track about dictators, Norway, and France.

Commentators also suggested revising the rules of the contest and no longer allowing those who had already won at Eurovision or won prizes to participate.

"We could also send Serdyuchka a second time and win," "Why? She knows what it's like to win and feel the victory. She just deprived someone of the same opportunity. It's a shame! Very", "In 2012 I was rooting for her, she was great, but this year there were better contestants", "Pension stole the victory from the Finns", It is necessary to prohibit those who have already won to participate. It's not fair," commentators said.


The followers were also reminded about the scandal around the Swedish contest song. So, some Internet users accused her of plagiarism. They noticed that the composition of the Swede reminds them a lot of a famous track from 18 years ago, "In Captivity" by the Ukrainian singer Mika Newton.

"If they knew, they would have sent Mika Newton", "Plagiarized the song Newton won", "In fact, Ukraine won, because the song Loreen is a plagiarism of the Ukrainian song "In captivity" by Mika Newton", - explain the users.


To be fair, there were those who defended the winner. Some commentators wrote that Sweden's victory is absolutely fair and deserved because Loreen has a powerful voice, which was fully revealed in her strong composition.


It should be noted that OBOZREVATEL conducted a text online broadcast of the final Eurovision-2023. All the key events of the broadcast are in our story.

We also told:

- What place did Ukraine take at Eurovision-2023.

- What the winning song of Loreen is about and why she was accused of plagiarism?

- How viewers voted and why their votes changed the standings.

- Who gave Ukraine 12 points and who was awarded the highest score by our national jury?

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