"Felt the shaking force of the explosions": Misha Collins showed a missile attack on Kyiv and went to clear the Chernihiv region

Collins met with Zelensky

American actor Misha Collins, who recently arrived in the capital of Ukraine and became an Ambassador of fundraising platform UNITED24 in the direction of "Humanitarian demining", saw with his own eyes the missile attack of the Russian Federation on Kyiv. The "Supernatural" star captured the air attack on his phone, showing another crime of the Kremlin Führer to five million subscribers.

The celebrity shared the video on Instagram. He said that on the night of June 1, like many people in Kyiv, he could not sleep a wink. His fans wrote in comments: they still can't believe that such things can happen in the civilized world (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the page) .

"I felt the concussive force of the explosions in my chest. Three people were killed in this attack, including a child," Collins commented. He also asked for the sound to be turned on to hear the horrific sounds of terror.


After that the Hollywood star went to Chernihiv region to join the program of humanitarian demining of Ukrainian territories. Together with the workers of the State Emergency Situations Service, he explored the terrain and saw what a huge amount of work on demining awaits specialists.

"The Ukrainian demining specialist I walked with here was an aquatic entomologist (studying water beetles) a year ago. He has two children. He put aside his microscope and picked up a metal detector to help clear the land of mines and munitions," Misha Collins told.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Misha Collins caused hysteria among the Russians by showing up in the heart of Kyiv. He was photographed against the backdrop of burnt-out equipment. Citizens of the neighboring country said they were disappointed in the artist.

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