Fame did not bring them happiness: 5 celebrities who lost everything and ended up on the street. Photo.

Stars can be disappointed in their lives too

Many rich and famous people have inspirational stories of "rags to riches". Only in some cases, celebrities were able to get out of poverty, while in others, fallen stars lost their way and refused to believe in themselves again. This can be blamed on drugs, chronic illnesses, bad environment or just plain bad luck.

OBOZREVATEL presents to your attention a selection of heroes who, despite being rich, lost everything. They had to sleep on beaches, in the subway or in cars (to see the photos, scroll to the end).

1. Irene Barkley

Irene Barkley, an American professional boxer who fought in the middleweight category, earned about $5 million in the 80s and could afford everything. He had luxurious real estate and expensive cars. But eventually, the athlete lost all this income and was forced to move in with his niece. When the relative asked him to leave the house and find a new place to live, Irene slept in the subway cars.


2. Danny Bonaduce

American comedian and TV presenter Danny Bonaduce became known for the sitcom The Partridge Family. Since 14 November 2011, he has hosted a morning music show on the Seattle radio station KZOK-FM. However, the artist is known to suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, which led him to a rehabilitation centre. Later, he lived on the streets and slept in his car. However, there are rumours that the man has returned to normal life and got married.


3. Natasha Lyonne

In the 90s, American actress and screenwriter Natasha Lyonne appeared on the screen in the films I Am a Cheerleader, Beverly Hills Slumdog and American Pie. But her promising career was derailed after a series of run-ins with the law. In 2001, the celebrity was arrested for drunken driving, and in 2004, she was charged with causing harm, trespassing and harassment of a neighbour. After that, the celebrity was hospitalised with a collapsed lung and hepatitis C. She was evicted from a friend's townhouse and began living on the streets. Despite a series of setbacks, Lyonne continued her film career. She recently starred in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.


4. Brett Butler

American actress, stand-up comedian, writer and screenwriter Brett Butler went from being a waitress in cheap bars to a famous personality. But her fate was not easy. For a long time, she struggled with drug addiction and lived in rehabilitation centres. Then she decided to leave Los Angeles and move to the countryside. When she ran out of savings, Brett asked for shelter at an animal shelter. Now 65 years old, Butler's last film was released in 2019.


5. Huston McTeer

American athlete Huston McTeer was one of the strongest sprinters in the United States in 1975-1980. He managed to escape poverty in Florida and moved to Los Angeles, where he tried his hand at boxing under the guidance of Muhammad Ali. When his club went bankrupt, Maktir lost faith in himself and started using drugs. For many years, the athlete slept on Santa Monica Beach until an elderly woman took him in.


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