Everyone can afford it, but... 5 celebrities who buy clothes in second-hand stores

Stars buy things in second-hand shops

Celebrities buy clothes from second-hand stores for different reasons. Some of them simply cannot bring themselves to spend a lot of money on clothes, even though they have the opportunity to do so, while others are looking for unique items among the assortment of thrift stores.

Looking at them, it's hard to guess that world-famous beauties are sorting through second-hand clothes, trying to find something for themselves and their families. The editors of The Things told us which of the popular fashionistas visit second-hand stores (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress, known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series Sex and the City, proudly admitted that she buys clothes from second-hand stores for her son. The star is concerned about environmental issues and labour conditions in many countries, so she calls for a responsible wardrobe. In particular, she often buys second-hand sweaters and T-shirts.



The singer Lorde does not hesitate to shop in a thrift store, despite the fact that her fees would be enough to buy expensive things. She despises consumer culture, wastefulness and the value of material things. Lord saves money on clothes and encourages people to seek satisfaction in spirituality rather than shopping.


Drew Barrymore

The actress, known since childhood, sees no shame in buying a second-hand item. Once, journalists even managed to talk to the owner of the thrift store where Drew made her purchase. He called the film star very beautiful, sincere and simple.


Helen Mirren

In her 77 years of life, the Oscar winner has learnt a simple truth that she explains to her fans. On the street, no one cares whether you are walking in a dollar jacket from a second-hand store or a $1,000 jacket from a famous store.


Eva Mendes

In 2001, actress Eva Mendes took to the red carpet in a $6 (221 UAH) dress. The artist herself told her subscribers that she bought it at a thrift store and saved money on hair and makeup.


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