Every detail matters: how not to spoil your look in white

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Bright looks for summer 2023.

In the summer, white outfits are the best way to escape the heat. When ladies decide to create a total look (all things in the same or similar colours), they can make a mistake in simple nuances. If you don't take them into account, you are guaranteed to ruin the look.

We have prepared a cheat sheet that will help you look spectacular in a white outfit. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Natural fabrics

The basis of a summer look is comfortable material. You are unlikely to look fresh if your clothes are hot. So, choose fabrics that are breathable. These are linen, cotton or fine silk. Forget about synthetics.


2. Properly selected styles

Many people refuse to wear white clothes because they "add volume". This is a stereotype. It is not the colour that makes you look fat, but the wrong cut. Combine high-waisted trousers or a skirt with a crop top - this combination will disguise the "excess" in the abdomen and emphasise the waist. If you don't want to expose your arms, complete the look with a shirt made of light natural fabric.


3. Experiment with textures

Total white looks boring if you wear or combine only classic textures (cotton and linen). Try a combination of a cotton top with a satin bottom or a shawl and a crochet dress. It is advisable to choose components in the same shade to make the outfit spectacular.


4. Shades of white

Putting together a set of white clothes is no easy task. If you choose things in the same tone, you will visually slim down. Also note that you need to mix cold shades with cold shades, and warm shades with warm shades. Otherwise, the outfit will not be harmonious.


5. Playing with shapes

Ribbed T-shirts, T-shirts and suits in a white palette are all classics. Don't be afraid to rely on current styles. For example, off-the-shoulder tops, blouses with fancy flounces, bandeaus or shirts with ties. This will make your outfits look more advantageous.


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