Dressing like a Frenchwoman: 5 things that will help you create a Parisian-chic look

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A simple transformation into a Parisian woman.

Parisian women never chase trends. The priority is to create a simple and comfortable image. For this, they are inspired by the style icons of the 50's and modernity, and skillfully combine vintage outfits with casual.

And there are some pieces that no French streetstyle star can do without. Read more about them in the article by OBOZREVATEL. Perhaps this little cheat sheet will help you "freshen up" your outfits.

1. Woven bag

Barely every Frenchwoman has a wicker bag in her fashion arsenal. Sometimes even an entire collection of models of different sizes and shapes: rectangular, round, trapezoidal or basket.


2. Light blouse made of light materials

These models are also called fantasy models. Their key characteristics: with flounces, ruffles, bouffant sleeves or large collars. Blouses made of weightless fabrics and without mottled patterns will make any your image mysterious.


3. Plaid jacket

This is a timeless classic. The jacket in a small, not bright plaid has a retro vibe, which is adored by French women. No less noble will look models of straight cut tweed. That is in the spirit of Coco Chanel.


4. Straight jeans

This year's trend is for low-cut bell-bottoms. But, as we've written before, French women ignore fashion trends. They create them themselves: straight jeans perfectly fit into any outfit.


5. Wrap dress

This model visually makes the waist thinner and the legs slimmer. But French women pay attention to details. They choose outfits with small flounces or collars. Their favorite prints are floral and polka dots.


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