Dress and handbag - summer duo that has no equal: five best combinations for fashionistas. Photo

Dress with a bag - a great combination for summer

Lightweight dress - an indispensable element of every lady's summer closet, which not only looks romantic, but also practical to wear. Such a simple and at the same time feminine image does not require many details. It can be complemented by just one bag.

The combination of a summer dress with an appropriate accessory will allow you to look spectacular in any situation. The editors of the website Glamour told about 5 unbeatable combinations (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Lace dress and lace bag

Tender model with lace will look stylish with a small lady's bag without extra decorations. Exquisite combination will protect from the heat and will look luxurious both during a romantic date and a walk in the city.


Floral dress and woven bag

Another summer option is a braided accessory and dress with a floral print. It will look perfect during a sea voyage or vacation on the beach. The roomy accessory will help to bring the most important things with you, and the romantic outfit will give tenderness to every lady.


Mini dress and baguette bag

Almost every fashionable woman already has in her closet a trendy baguette, which does not interfere while walking, but holds the essentials. A mini-dress will look stylish with it, which will emphasize the figure and will look harmoniously with a small accessory.


White dress and crossbody

In fashion remain bags on long straps or with a chain, tipped over the shoulder. Such a practical and comfortable option can be combined with a white loose cut dress, which will help to escape the heat.


Open-back dress and crescent bag

Expensive and elegant in summer during evening events will look basic dress with an open back. It combines comfort, elegance and restraint due to the closed front. Such a model should not be spoiled by crossbody bags or on the shoulder. Best of all with it will look a small accessory in the form of a half moon, which is held in his hand.


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