Don't make these mistakes! The colours and patterns of clothes that make you look fat are named. Photo.

The plaid is out of fashion

Clothes can both add a few kilos to your weight and hide problem areas. And it all depends not only on the model and style of the garment, but also on the colour or pattern. Girls with curves should avoid large ornaments, horizontal lines, and bright colours.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which patterns and shades will not make women look slim. You can find a worthy replacement for them and look like a million bucks (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Red colour

Red is always bright, catchy and bold. That's why ladies with extra pounds should limit their purchases of this colour. It will attract attention and make others look at everything that they wanted to hide.


Acidic shades

To look fashionable in an acid-coloured outfit, you should consult a stylist. It is quite difficult to combine with other colours. In addition, this palette often cheapens the look and increases the volume. The best solution is to add bright accent accessories to your outfit, but do not use neon as the main colour.


Medium and large plaid

A large print makes the figure look even more massive. Of course, with the right combination, curvy girls can wear a plaid, but you need to choose the right products. Also note that this print will not be at its peak in 2023.


Polka dot print

Of course, not all polka dots are fattening. It all depends on the cut of the dress or blouse and the size of the pattern itself. Pay attention to the contrast: the higher the contrast, the larger the figure will appear. So, a black or navy shirt with white polka dots is a bad idea.


Horizontal bright stripes

A horizontal colour block does not give a lady with curves a chance to look good. Numerous horizontal stripes of variegated colours draw even more attention to the figure and create the illusion of a "wide" body. If you like stripes, choose a vertical one, as well as in a restrained range.


As OBOZREVATEL recently reported, five colours of clothes drove all fashionistas crazy in the summer of 2023. All these colours will not only make any look spectacular, but will also charge you with a good mood throughout the day. To learn more, read our article.

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