Don't do this! Five haircut mistakes that age you badly. Photo

''Fringe'' weighs down the face, emphasizes wrinkles and adds age.

A hairstyle that matches the shape of the face, a hair color that accentuates the skin tone, and an up-to-date haircut all help you look younger. Women after 50 should carefully choose a hairstylist who should take these criteria into account.

Hair expert and cosmetologist Ghanim Abdullah gave five examples of hair styles that can add years. The stylist also told us what you can replace them with.

Rounded haircuts are the anti-trend

The round haircuts that were once at the height of popularity in the 1980s are back in fashion for a while, but they don't suit older women at all. The bangs that transition into a round volume of hair open up the face and neck, making wrinkles noticeable.

Instead of a round bob, Abdullah suggests using a fringe cut in short angled strands. The expert advises before going to the hairdresser to use applications for modeling hairstyles. They help you pick up a fashionable haircut without damaging your hair. To do this, you only need to upload your photo and the artificial intelligence will choose the style on its own.

Ultra-short bangs are out of fashion.

Bangs are usually versatile and work with any hair color and texture. Trends vary each season from curtain bangs to micro bangs. To create a rejuvenating effect with your hairstyle, you should avoid mini bangs, also called baby bangs.

A short cut emphasizes the forehead, there are usually wrinkles there that need to be hidden. Experts suggest lowering the asymmetrical bangs on the eyebrows to emphasize the eyes and the winning sides of the face.

A straight bob looks boring


A smooth haircut of one length does not have an airy effect. A layered bob-kare frames the face and hides thin and sparse hair. The expert notes that women who want to look younger should avoid straight haircuts of any length. You should pay attention to the pixie cut, which is at the peak of popularity in 2023.

A blunt cut is not in fashion.


Straight bangs covering the eyebrows have been an anti-trend for years. The linear cut divides the face into two parts, visually making it look wider. This haircut draws attention to the middle third of the face, where there may be signs of aging. Masters advise to get rid of the curtain on the forehead, and prefer a light and airy haircut.

An asymmetrical haircut should be favored.

Long hair looks gorgeous when it is healthy and shiny. Women after 50 can't always boast of thick and long hair. Aging can be noticed not only on the skin, but also on the hair, they become brittle, thin and dehydrated. A short asymmetrical haircut can prevent this.

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