Don't do this! 5 things that "cheapen" any look: you need to give them up in the summer

Find out how to replace anti-trends

If you haven't had time to update your summer wardrobe yet, we'll tell you what items you should definitely not pay attention to. These items will not turn you into a femme fatale and will not make your look "cheap". Remember, minimalism and oversize are at the peak of popularity right now.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about the non-obvious anti-trends of summer 2023. However, after your favourite season, the following wardrobe items will still not be high on the trends list. Give them up (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

1. Hats with wide brims

Fashion experts do not recommend taking this model of hat even on holiday. Not to mention the fact that this hat will look very strange in everyday life in the city. If you want to cover your head, a cap, baseball cap or canopy is a great option.


2. Belt included

We often come across a favourable offer in stores called "1=2". For example, when buying a skirt or shorts, we may be given a belt to match the product. But, as a rule, it is of very poor quality, and you will still have to replace this accessory. Leather belts look much better and more elegant.


3. Shirts with short puffed sleeves

Shirts with puff sleeves will look good on a schoolgirl, but not on a modern lady. We understand that short sleeves will save you in the heat, but choose a more classic version of the product - with straight or transparent sleeves.


4. Fitted jackets

In summer, few people wear jackets. They are worn either by office workers or girls to a party to complement their look with a dress. Remember, the fitted blazer is still considered the main anti-trend. Buy an oversized piece in white, beige or any bright colour. Leave the dark palette for autumn.


5. Large number of visible zips

Visible hard zips greatly reduce the cost of the image and make it untidy. Try to keep this element hidden or out of sight. Limit your purchases to dresses with a zip on the back or well-known skirts with a full-length fastener.


As a reminder, OBOZREVATEL recently told you which handbag models will be the most fashionable in summer 2023. Denim and moon-shaped accessories will add style and luxury to your look. To learn more, follow the link.

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