Don't do that! Ten "unforgivable" mistakes in makeup that will ruin the look. Photo

Neon shadows are no longer relevant

Makeup is also an art. And to look always fresh and well-groomed, you need to know what mistakes can affect your appearance. In order not to spoil your impression of yourself, follow the rules discussed below.

OBOZREVATEL teaches how to make a quick and natural makeup, turning you into an elegant Frenchwoman. The right foundation and nude shadows are your best friends (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

Why does your makeup look unnatural?

1. Apply too much mascara

It is the long eyelashes that give the eye the volume and brightness. But if you overdo it with mascara, they will look like spider's legs. This should definitely be avoided, so that the lady is not thought of as unkempt and has no time to gather.

2. Turning Smokey Ice into "panda eyes"

To create beautiful smoky eye makeup, you should at least watch a tutorial video on YouTube. Without this knowledge, you are unlikely to be able to make smoky eye makeup that will captivate those around you. It is better to draw arrows or apply shimmering shadows and not turn smokey into "panda eyes".

3. Use an overly bright eye shadow

You can't do without neon shadows if you decide to go to a club or a 90s themed party. But in everyday life the acid shades of this beauty product look as ridiculous as possible. If you want to add brightness, think about speckled arrows or colored mascara.


4. Choosing a foundation that is too dark

The choice of foundation is important, because it is the even tone of natural shade that determines your appearance. If in doubt as to whether you have chosen the right shade for you, follow the rule that it is better to buy a foundation one tone lighter than darker. That way you won't get that awful orange tan.


5. Don't regret the amount of blush

A natural blush on the cheeks is beautiful. As long as you don't overdo it with the product. Lightly brush the blush on your cheekbones, cheeks and the bridge of your nose. This will give the effect of cuteness, because looking like a "Russian matryoshka" is hardly your goal.


6. Apply too light a concealer

Unlike foundation, which is better to choose lighter than your skin tone, concealer should not be too light. Otherwise it will emphasize the dark circles under your eyes even more.

7. Highlight your eyes and lips at the same time.

As the makeup artists say, it is impossible to make bright eyebrows, eyes and lips at the same time. A girl should give preference to one thing at a time. If you want to make graphic eyebrows, lightly paint your eyes and use a nude lipstick. If you have in mind to do bright eye makeup, naturally style your eyebrows and apply a light lip gloss. To make red lipstick look spectacular, don't overdo it with your eye and brow makeup.


8. Don't match your pencil color to your lipstick

In the '90s, lip makeup with different shades of pencil and lipstick was incredibly trendy. But it's 2023, and this technique would look vulgar now.

9. Using lip balm before lipstick

Everyone has faced the problem of chapped lips. But it's a big mistake to moisturize them with oils before applying lipstick. This way, the product won't hold and will make it look like you just ate lunch and forgot to use a tissue.

10. Don't wash off your makeup before you go to bed

A makeup artist's commandment is to wash off your makeup before you go to bed. Even if you're tired and exhausted, take a minute to remove makeup from your face and tone your skin. Why do this? So you can have a fresh, rash-free face the next time you put on makeup.


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