Don't do that! Four shades of nail polish you should forget about after 40: they age your hands very much. Photo

Nail polish shades to forget about after 40

Wrinkles on the face can be hidden by successful makeup, age-related changes in the figure can be hidden by properly chosen looks, but the hands can give away the real number in the passport of beauty 40+. And here we are talking not only about veins, which with age begin to shine through due to the thinness of the skin, or about pigmentation and other irregularities, but also about manicure. In particular, it comes to the nail polish colors that ladies choose for their nail art.

So, there are four shades that are best avoided by older women. They will age the hands, and therefore the image as a whole. These colors are quite often chosen by beauties after forty and do not even realize their insidiousness. OBOZREVATEL will prevent you from making a mistake by telling you about these "traitors" in the palette.

White polish


Many people associate white with innocence and youthfulness, but on the hands of mature ladies, it creates the exact opposite effect. The rich pigment emphasizes the imperfection of the skin. If you want a gentle tone, it is better to give preference to a nude palette. It is a win-win option that looks elegant and fresh.

Black nail polish


It is logical that after white nail polish, black is on our list. Skin, as you know, dulls with age. If you want to emphasize its pallor, black is ideal. But we doubt that this is the result you're looking for.

Blue polish


Blue, like deep blue or purple, makes the veins on your hands very pronounced. In addition, delicate shades of blue add a completely inappropriate infantilism to the image.

Pearlescent polish


Pearlescent is a risky choice even for young fashionistas. It's a shade that doesn't suit many people, but it doesn't suit women 40+ at all. In 2023, it looks like you're following trends from 20 years ago. If you want to be on trend, you should give up pearlescent textures.

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