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In winter, bright colors are not appropriate

A T-shirt is a must-have for all seasons and times. It can be worn both in summer and winter, making a sporty or romantic look. Few people think about it, but we make mistakes even when buying an ordinary T-shirt. It is very easy to ruin the look by choosing the wrong cut or color.

OBOZREVATEL wants to tell you which aspects you should pay attention to when choosing this basic element of your closet. If you want to look stylish, remember this (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

1. Decor 

Since a T-shirt is a basic item, it should not have oversized prints, rhinestones and beaded embroidery. Such items were popular 10 years ago. Now, the simpler, the better. However, you can wear a fun pattern on a picnic.


2. Color 

In order to combine well with other elements of your outfit, choose basic monochrome colors likewhite, black, beige, gray or nude palette. But this does not mean that you should give up your favorite bright colors in summer. Look out for deep pink, soft blue, juicy orange or green this season.


3. Cut

Straight and slightly loose T-shirts flooded all the stores this season. The product with a tight fit can emphasize the figure flaws but also be too hot. It should not dangle on a lady's body either. Look for the golden mean.


4. Material

Density, naturalness, uniformity: these are the characteristics you should pay attention to. For summer the most ideal fabric is cotton or linen. Synthetics may be present in the composition, but not more than 10%. A T-shirt should not be translucent, shapeless and with crooked seams.


5. Styling

In 2023, stick to two basic rules. First, tuck a t-shirt (especially an elongated one) into your pants at least partially. The second is to tuck your sleeves in. This is incredibly stylish!


As OBOZREVATEL recently wrote, lace jeans and a short balero in 2023 are terrifyingly tasteless. To find out what other trends of the 2000s have lost their relevance, read our material .

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