Do not wear them: fitted, with 3/4 sleeves and other styles of shirts that have long been out of fashion

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Shirt models that ruin any look

The shirt can become an accent in your image. Thanks to the right cut (oversize or cropped), bright colors or trendy prints (polka dots, "aura", gradient, plaid or "landscape").

And there are styles that spoil the outfits: make them "cheap" and irrelevant. They are better to forget about forever. Read more in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Sleeve 3/4

Shirts with 3/4 sleeves are perfect for any figure. They were worn by streetstyle-influencers at all times of the year. The key word is "worn." These models, as well as those with no sleeves at all, have been topping the anti-trends for the past 10 years. Replace them with more relevant - with sleeves to the elbow. Such a variant will be easy to combine with any bottom.


2. Silhouette cut

Such styles look old-fashioned. A long time ago, all fashionable women threw out of the closets fitted shirts, and replaced them with those that are free or straight cut. These things will not only make the images stylish, but also visually correct the figure.


3. Uneven print

This point applies to drawings in the form of lines, flowers, animalistic patterns or plaid. That is, the print on the product should be a continuation on every detail (on the pockets, cuffs, collar and sleeves). If somewhere the pattern is abruptly interrupted - the shirt automatically looks "cheap".


4. "Expensive" decor

Forget about shirts with pearls, stones, shiny buttons and embroidered lapels. Also, forget about models with a bass or lace. When the fashion is minimalism - they are inappropriate. Here everything is simple: the less details - the more actual thing.


5. Deep necklines

Anti-trends include both shirts with deep necklines and shirts that are too tight, where you can see your breasts in the button row. This negatively affects your presentability, because the image becomes vulgar. A win-win alternative is free cut shirts.


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