Created from a rocket wreckage: Zelenska wore a special brooch from a jeweler from Kharkov. Photo

Olena Zelenska wore a special brooch made of missile wreckage

The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, wore a special brooch for her recent interview. The decoration was made by the Kharkov jeweler Stanislav Drokin and given the name "Nezabudka".

The peculiarity of the brooch is that it was made from a fragment of an enemy Russian missile. Stanislav shared the details on his personal page on Instagram.

The brooch is made of titanium and bronze. The jeweler has placed seven delicate blue forget-me-nots on the wreckage of the Russian missile that the occupiers sent to Kharkiv. The base resembles a branch. All the details are made personally by Stanislav's hands.



"The creative concept is a socio-cultural international project, which through works from the collection "Nezabudka" keeps the memory of the events of each day of the war of Russia against Ukraine: the memory of the courage of the defenders, the cultural, historical, scientific heritage destroyed by the Russians and the lives lost, "- left in the description of the author.


The brooch is also a symbol of international gratitude for legal, humanitarian, medical and military aid, which contributes to the victory of Ukraine.

The collection was founded by Drokin during the full-scale war in Kharkiv. Each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind, and keeps the memory of the events of a particular war day, as indicated by an individual number.


As is known, the same jewelry jeweler gave the first lady of the United States Jill Biden.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Olena Zelenska revealed for the first time who her and the president's daughter Oleksandra is studying for. According to the first lady, the specialty was chosen jointly, but the final choice the 18-year-old girl made herself.

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