"Britney is no longer with us": theory spreads online about "tragedy that happened to the singer" because of a suspicious video

Spears fans are spreading a new theory about the star
  • The fans of the controversial American singer Britney Spears sounded the alarm because of a suspicious video, which she posted on her Instagram. After watching the video frame by frame, they noticed that the star's mask seemed to fall off, so there was a theory that a tragedy had happened to the artist, and her social media is maintained by another person.

Facial substitution in the video is possible thanks to deepfake technology. The storyboard was published in TikTok, and the comments suggested what could have happened to the performer (to see the photo and video, scroll to the end of the page).

To prove the theory about the "tragedy" that happened to Britney Spears, her fan published a video taken from the singer's Instagram. In it, at first glance, the celebrity is dancing as usual.

However, when she covered her nose, lips and chin with her hands, the mask from the girl's face came off and for a moment it became visible that this is a completely different person - with smaller and lighter eyes. Her eyebrows changed, too.


The author denied that the artist used a makeup filter and assured that the video used deepfake technology. To prove it, he applied a similar trick with another video, where the model's face changed to Britney Spears.


In the comments, viewers assumed the worst - the artist's death or kidnapping.

"Rest in peace Britney," "Something is definitely not right. Thank you for spreading this," "I think Britney is no longer with us," "I've been looking into Britney's eyes for the last 25 years. That's definitely not the real her," popular comments said.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Russian propagandists launched a fake, allegedly Britney Spears supported a terrorist country, condemning Ukraine and NATO, after which her Instagram account was blocked.

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