Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of deliberate revenge: what happened and what does the Russian oligarch have to do with it

Jolie sold her part of the winery without Pitt's consent

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie continue to quarrel even four years after their official divorce. The 59-year-old actor accused his ex-girlfriend of secretly selling part of their joint business, the Château Miraval winery. According to him, the mother of his three children deliberately gave half of the shares to Russian billionaire and owner of a large alcoholic beverage company Yuri Shefler.

This was reported by Page Six. It is known that the Troy star was categorically against cooperation with the Russian citizen. He rejected his offer several times. And in 2014, the former spouses signed an agreement that they would not sell their share of the business without their partner's consent.

Pitt is sure that Jolie gave the winery to the Russian oligarch for a reason. She knows that Scheffler has ties to Putin and that his business is in a critical state due to the war in Ukraine. In this way, the celebrity allegedly wanted to take revenge on Brad for the lawsuits over the custody of his heirs.


"Jolie made the sale without Pitt's consent, denying him the right of consent she had given him earlier. She has long since stopped contributing to the wine business, while Pitt has been investing. Angelina is seeking to take possession of profits she did not earn," the documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court say.


The stars bought the winery in the south of France back in 2008. For the actor, the wine business was a long-held dream, so he invested a lot of money and effort in Château Miraval. After the divorce, Jolie stopped negotiations with Pitt, saying that she would never return to this topic again.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, after breaking up with the Maleficent star, Brad Pitt became addicted to alcohol. But when he realised that this habit could negatively affect his health and career, he promised not to return to drinking. For more details, follow the link.


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