Bedridden: news of 64-year-old Madonna's condition after hospitalization in intensive care became known

How Madonna is feeling after being hospitalized in intensive care

The world famous American singer and actress Madonna was found unconscious in her mansion the other day, after which she was admitted to intensive care at a hospital in New York. Earlier it was reported that the artist's condition is gradually improving, but insiders close to the star shared slightly different information.

Thus, Madonna is really on the mend, but she still feels very bad. In particular, she remains bedridden - almost does not move and constantly experiencing nausea, reports TMZ.

In addition, the 64-year-old pop icon is experiencing severe weakness and exhaustion. Insiders claim that "the illness continues to destroy the body" of the singer.


Due to a sharp deterioration in her health, Madonna may have to cancel the massive 40th anniversary Celebration world tour. The tour was set to kick off this year on July 15 with a concert in Vancouver, Canada.

It was because of the upcoming performances that Madonna had long concealed that she was not feeling well. She did not want her health to affect the tour. However, the artist's representatives have not yet reported on the cancellation of the concerts.

It is reported that the singer has developed a serious bacterial infection, but the exact diagnosis is still a secret.

Recall that Madonna was found unconscious at her mansion on June 24. At the hospital, the celebrity had a tube inserted into her trachea to ventilate her lungs. At the medical facility, her daughter Lourdes was constantly at the side of the pop queen. See our article for more details.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Madonna showed a rare photo of her adopted twin daughters. On it, 11-year-old heiresses posed in graduation robes and academic hats.

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