At the epicentre of the disaster: Salem brought Ukrainians to tears by showing how he saves people in flooded Kherson. Video.

The video caused a wave of emotions among Ukrainians

Ukrainian TV presenter Daniel Salem, who went to defend his homeland after the start of Russia's full-scale invasion, demonstrated how civilians are being evacuated from the Kherson region after the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station was blown up. With most of steppe Ukraine under water as a result of the dam's destruction, people need protection and help.

The warrior showman posted footage of the rescue on his Instagram. They show the heroes of Ukraine taking small children, women and the elderly out of flooded houses. The Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers do not leave pets in trouble either (to see photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"An unbreakable great nation," Daniel Salem captioned the video. The video itself says that the Russians came to "save" us with bombs, mines, missiles, a blown-up dam and their bloody "truth", but Ukrainians are standing as a wall, uniting and proving to the world that nothing is impossible for them.


In their comments, Ukrainians said that the demonstration brought them to tears. Netizens wrote how proud they were of the unity and strength of spirit of our people.

"The best nation", "How happy I am that these are people from our land. What a joy to have such a nation", "I'm crying... We are an incredible nation. God is with us, we will win. Thank you so much for everything you do", "Ukrainians, you are heroes! I'm proud of our nation!", "Low bow to you, volunteers, soldiers", "A small child. You saved it. Thank you very much. Till I cry", "My heart is already torn into 10,000 pieces. It is impossible for people to do this. Are we really strong enough to survive such grief?", - we read under Salem's post.


Currently, rescuers, volunteers and the military continue to evacuate local residents and animals. It is known that 48 settlements in the Kherson region are flooded, 34 of which are in the government-controlled area.

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