Anti-trends of spring 2023: 5 cardigans that have long gone out of fashion, but you still wear them

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Cardigan in a woman's closet is always a topical French aesthetic, preppy style (a mix of business and smart casual), and just a thing for every day. Most often it is worn in autumn or spring when the weather is capricious: the heat suddenly turns into an unpleasant chill.

Look in your closet and see which cardigan models are outdated, and which can become part of your images. Read more in the material OBOZEVATEL.

1. Cropped bolero.

In the 2000s this item rapidly became popular and was relevant for a long time. Today the bolero is an anti-trend. Because of its length, it visually makes the body disproportional, and the outfit - rather funny than stylish. Free-cut and full-length models are a successful alternatives.


2. Silhouette cardigan with big buttons

Beginning in 2020, both oversize and silhouette pieces are in fashion. But even small details like buttons can ruin your look. That's if these items are large in size. We advise giving preference to minimalistic and concise cardigans with small buttons, which will look more spectacular and expensive.


3. Cardigan with a smell.

This piece makes the image simple and old-fashioned. It also visually adds a dozen years to your look. Replace it with a cardigan with a laid-back collar. It looks like something between a jacket and a shirt, which looks modern.


4. Long-shaped cardigan.

Long-silhouetted cardigans are one of the main anti-trends of modern fashion. Now such a model looks out of place even with jeans or cargo pants (free-cut pants designed for heavy work and outdoor activities; distinguished by numerous large pockets for carrying tools).


5. Cardigan without buttons

In windy weather such a thing is impractical. And in general, outfits with cardigans without buttons look outdated and ineffective. This applies both to free cut models, and tight-fitting. A more textured and interesting image will come out together with a cardigan with an animalistic print, flowers, or abstraction.


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