After the high-profile scandal, Ruslana will be involved in the Eurovision Grand Final and will have a "very special mission".

After the scandal surrounding the participation of singer Ruslana in the program Eurovision-2023, the creative director of the Ukrainian contest Herman Nenov assured that the artiste will perform in the final of the show. Earlier, her team said that the star had not been invited to participate.

German Nenov commented to KP.UA that Ruslana would have a special and symbolic mission and her victory at Eurovision-2004 would be honored. According to the creative director, the singer will appear in one of the numbers (scroll to the end of the page to see the photo).

"Ruslana will be manifested within the show, including in the grand final. She will appear in one of the numbers with a very special mission and symbolism. Ruslana's first victory for Ukraine will definitely be honored. In our country, almost every representative of Eurovision who made it to the top 10 is worthy to stand on the stage this year. We chose the artists performing in the semifinals and finals not based on personal sympathies, but on the conceptuality of this year's show specifically", Herman Nenov said.


Recall that in April it became known which of the Ukrainian stars will perform in the final of Eurovision-2023. In this list, as well as in the list of stars opening the contest, there is no winner of 2004 - Ruslana. Then she won with her rousing hit "Wild Dances" and brought the first statuette of the prestigious song contest for Ukraine. The artist did not keep silent. There was an uproar.

Subsequently, the media reported that the singer would perform live from Kyiv on May 13 - the day of the Grand Final. However, the singer's representatives, as it turned out, knew nothing about it.


Ruslana's manager Yana Pryadko said that the artiste will be in the UK during the contest and is not preparing for any performance from Kyiv.

As you know, Eurovision 2023 will be held in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine on May 9 and 11 (first and second semi-finals) and May 13 (grand final). 37 countries will take part in the event. Ukraine will be presented by the band TVORCHI with the song Heart of Steal. The band will perform in the grand finals at once under number 19.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that bookmakers have formed their forecasts and decided on the favorite of Eurovision-2023. This contestant is noticeably ahead of the other contestants. Unfortunately, Ukraine is losing ground.

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