A short haircut changes everything! Photo of the amazing transformation that helped you lose 10 years

Elsa Pataki

Long hair is undoubtedly beautiful. But sometimes you have to cut your locks to visually rejuvenate your look and make it look lighter and fresher. Celebrities are proving by example that it's worth the risk, because sometimes it's really worth it.

They say a short haircut "kills" femininity and gracefulness in a representative of the fair sex. But the heroines of our selection show that this is not so! The main thing is to choose the right haircut for your face type. OBOZREVATEL shows a few successful transformations (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was once called the new Marilyn Monroe. As a young actress, she often wore short haircuts, bobs or asymmetrical options. The actress is beautiful with any hairstyle, but agree, the so-called "boyish haircut" adds to her boldness and special charm.


Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev can't be called a fan of experimentation. She has never done an extremely short hairstyle, limiting herself to a long braid. It's worth noting that this haircut suits her personality! We suggest you to evaluate it for yourselves.


Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has large facial features and good hair structure, which allows her to wear absolutely different lengths. The artist goes for short haircuts, pixies and long hair. But medium length curls do take away a few years.


Emily Clarke

In the popular series Game of Thrones, Emily wore platinum long hair, while in real life, the actress constantly changes her hair and the shade of her locks. Still, the star looks better with chocolate hair. As for the length, it's up to you.


Elsa Pataki

Spanish actress Elsa Pataki has a heart-shaped face. It is characterised by pronounced cheekbones and a sharp chin. Any kind of haircut is good with this data, but styling with light waves or sloppy strands is preferable. However, it is not difficult to see that the short length is quite rejuvenating for the artiste.


As OBOZREVATEL recently told us, there are five hairstyles that make the face look fuller. They are straight fringes, fine curls and sessons. Celebrities sometimes wear these styles. To find out more, read our article.

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