A father came up with a witty way to make his child shine with a smile in a photo

A father showed what his son looked like before and after he applied the trick. Source: Adam Perry / Twitter.

Everyone probably has in his or her personal photo album a picture of a child with a strange facial expression or even in tears, which was taken at the moment of the greatest reluctance to pose. Especially heartbreaking are such pictures taken on the day school starts.

According to The Independent, children's writer Adam Perry came up with a witty way to remedy this situation. He showed the results on his Twitter. Perry published two pictures of his son, taken on the first day of school. In the first one, the boy looks a little creepy because of a very strained smile and tense posture, while in the second one, he looks perfectly happy and smiling sincerely. "My son when I tell him to smile and when I call out 'poop!" the man wrote in the post.

The post garnered nearly 300,000 likes and more than 13,000 retweets. Journalists noticed it and asked Perry about his method. The man replied that he practiced this way of making his son smile all the time and planned to do so as long as the tip worked.

In another interview, Perry described his son as a shy boy, but noted his good sense of humor. He shared that he always takes pictures of his toddler on the first day of school, but this time he was in a bit of a hurry and couldn't get a bunch of shots to choose the best one, so he had to apply this way of making the kid laugh.

"My son always has the funniest smile when he tries the hardest. Once I realized that if I just yell 'poop' and take a quick picture, it always works a lot better. This time the comparison was pretty dramatic, so I decided to share it," the writer said of his viral post. And he added that he didn't expect people to like it so much. But then I realized how close he is to a lot of parents. Now Perry gets quite a few messages from grateful subscribers who use his trick on their own kids and take great pictures.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, British royal stylist Angela Kelly told how once in 2012 she persuaded Queen Elizabeth II to be photographed in a pose that is considered obscene at court. And she even shared that the queen enjoyed playing around in front of the camera, despite her status and venerable age.

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