6 shades of nail polish age your hands badly: it's better to forget about them. Photo.

These tones are traitors to girls

Hands are the main beacon that reveals a woman's age. The right shade of nail polish will be a woman's best friend and will help her lose a few years, but the shades discussed below will definitely not make her look good. They will emphasise sagging skin, wrinkles, and other imperfections.

OBOZREVATEL will show you which colour palette women over 40 should be afraid of like fire. By the way, the same colours are the most inappropriate for adult ladies (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

1. Grey/dirty blue

Pale blue, dirty blue and all shades of grey look stylish only on young girls. If the skin on your hands is thin, veins and capillaries are visible, these shades will only add extra years. Replace them with deep blue or very light grey.


2. Burgundy

The wine palette, in principle, like red lipstick, will emphasise all the imperfections. It will visually highlight unkempt hands, overgrown cuticles and burrs. A more suitable option for women over forty is bright red, orange, or coral colours. This will make your hands look fresher.


3. Purple

The purple colour of the varnish, like the dirty grey one, ages the hands very much. It makes the skin paler, gives it an earthy tint, emphasises protruding veins, and age spots. Give up bright purple and lilac!


4. Lemon

All shades of pale yellow contrast poorly with wrinkles and blood vessels. This colour will make your hands look pale. A better idea would be to use a bright yellow tone or one close to orange. They are especially good for tanning.


5. Coffee with milk

Pale shades of brown, such as coffee with milk or caramel, bring out all the imperfections. The skin of your hands will appear yellowish and wrinkled. Pay attention to richer tones of brown - milk chocolate, chestnut. But don't go too dark.


6. Dark green

Swamp green or khaki will draw attention to the protruding veins on your hands. As in the case of yellow, they will turn a painful earthy or greenish colour. All shades of green are not a good idea after the age of 40.


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