5 secrets of the perfect hairstyle in the photo that will make the look luxurious: they are used by the stars

The perfect hairstyle in the photo is simple and fast

During a photo shoot, hair is an important tool for every beauty that will help to set accents, hide imperfections and even distract attention from disproportionality on the face. In addition, you can come up with many feminine, romantic poses with your hair. To make your strands look good even without styling, you need to know how to help them.

A good angle, an unusual parting, and a hairstyle done before the photo shoot will help with this. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 5 secrets that will make your look luxurious. Even the stars use them (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).


If nature has rewarded you with thick and long hair, it's not enough to just let it down in front of the camera or tuck it behind your ears. To emphasise the luxurious strands, you can part your hair to the side and turn it to face the lens with the best side.


"Playing" with your hair

Extra volume is not a problem if you help your hair a little. For example, by propping it up with your hands or tilting your head, you can create the illusion of thick and voluminous hair, even if it isn't.



Shots in which the hair is developing rather than lying perfectly flat look much more natural and romantic. This will add lightness and ease to the image. In the studio, a fan can help create a similar effect.


No need for styling products

A professional camera will capture all the nuances on your hair, so excess mousse or varnish will not go unnoticed. A flash photo will only emphasise the styling products on your hair, which may look untidy.


Covered forehead

A hairstyle that slightly covers the forehead will look great in a photo. Bangs will add extra volume to the hair and can play into the hands of beauties who are complexed by an oval face or high forehead.


As a reminder, OBOZREVATEL recently told you which hairstyles are ideal for thin hair. They will not only create volume, but also "reset" several years. The main thing is not to experiment at home, because you can achieve the opposite result.

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