5 colours of clothes that are out of fashion: it's high time to leave them in the past. Photo.

Coral and marsala will not cause admiring glances

The colour of your clothes makes a huge difference. We're sure you've noticed many times how the right shade of outfit transforms your figure and makes your face look fresh and rested. One palette of tones looks up-to-date, while the other is quite boring and seems hackneyed.

This is what we will discuss in the OBOZREVATEL selection. You will find out what colour clothes should be left for better times and how to replace your favourite outfits (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).


Back in 2022, coral was considered an anti-trend. It has become less and less common in the collections of famous fashion designers. If you are a fan of pink shades, choose a softer colour or, on the contrary, a rich and bright palette. By the way, in 2019, Living Coral (orange with golden halftones) was declared the colour of the year.



This wine colour has a strict and expensive look. It looks incredible in evening dresses and formal suits. However, this shade is not for everyone, it can age you and make you look fat. In everyday life, it will weigh down your look. In 2022, burgundy (the second name of marsala) was included in the list of anti-trends. In 2023, you shouldn't wear it often either.



Yellow is quite extraordinary and looks fresh in summer collections. In 2022, sun coats from Patou and Prada were the most coveted items. But by the end of the year, everyone had forgotten about yellow and switched to explosive orange. This trend will continue this year.



Purple, like marsala, can age the fair sex. It complicates the outfit, makes your face look tired and gloomy. That's why designers advise forgetting about this colour in 2023 and switching to lighter and fresher ones.



Black has become less popular than white. Brands now suggest that instead of wearing a little black dress, you should prefer a white one, and instead of office black suits, you should choose milk, white or ivory. Paradoxically, this universal colour will be considered boring and uninteresting in 2023.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you what the "rich girl style" is and how to put together an expensive wardrobe with minimal expenses. Your outfits will look elegant and stylish. To find out more, follow the link.

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