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In the heat of the day, you often want to put your hair up. And since summer is a season for relaxation, simple, slightly casual styling that can be repeated in seconds will be in demand. You must admit that we don't always take a mirror to the beach or on a trip, so the hairstyles discussed below are easy to do with your eyes closed.

OBOZREVATEL will share what five styling tips you need to take note of to feel confident and comfortable even at plus 40. This summer's trends are casual options, wet hair effect, and low, sleek buns (scroll to the end of the page to see photos).

1. Smooth hairstyles - bun, ponytail

Sleek hairstyles are great for any season, but it is in summer that they reach their peak of popularity. That's because the inspiration comes from beach looks and wet hair. How to make a perfect smooth bun or ponytail? A must-have product for this is a super-strong gel that will perfectly style and secure unruly curls. If you prefer minimalism, use a thin elastic band. If you're in a playful mood, take a closer look at silk scarves.


2. Naughty ponytail

To avoid irritation, gather your hair into a high, messy ponytail. This style will look especially impressive if you have curly hair. Then you don't need to make much effort. The higher and more careless the ponytail, the better. You can also secure it with a crab, allowing the strands to fall forward like bangs.


3. Wet styling

The wet hair effect is gaining popularity. Buy products to create smooth, damp hair, as if you've just left the pool. Comb your curls back and apply a special gel. 5 seconds and you're done!


4. Backwards styling with hairspray

This option is similar to the previous one, only in this case your hair will look dried. You can either comb the strands back and spray them well with varnish, or make a straight parting, put the curls behind your ear and secure them with a hair clip.


A little earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about which hair shades are considered the most relevant in the summer of 2023. The list includes a rather unusual colour called "bronze rose". If you are not afraid of experiments, be sure to try it.

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