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They can all be combined with each other

Dark skin is beautiful and sexy. Tanned brunettes have always attracted the attention of men, forcing them to focus their eyes on them. Tanning looks especially good on young and young ladies, but it ages mature women. If you've ever wondered what colours of clothes will look harmonious with bronze skin, our article will be useful for you.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you not only about the colours that are perfect for sultry brunettes, but also about the shades that should be avoided. We will help you create the most successful looks (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Look great with dark skin

White and shades of beige

Snow white, pearl, champagne, ivory, amber, cream, opal, milky - all these shades will create a pleasing contrast with tanned skin and refresh the look. However, stylists do not advise wearing a white total look so as not to overload the look.


Black or black + white/brown/denim

At first, it seems that black can aggravate the situation and make the look too gloomy. But if you combine it with the right colour, you will get a spectacular look. It is also worth remembering that black will visually enhance your darkness if you are a little tanned, but this is not enough for you.


Versatile denim

Blue denim is a great option for girls with dark skin. It has a harmonious look, is suitable for many situations, and emphasises a beautiful skin colour. It can be combined with shades of white and beige.


What colours should dark-skinned girls avoid?

Bright pink, acid green, orange, coral will create too much contrast and can age the fair sex.

If you want to wear colourful colours, try combining yellow, electric or fuchsia with neutral "neighbours".

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