3 best hairstyles for thin hair: turn into a femme fatale in minutes. Photo

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Many girls consider thin hair to be a disadvantage. But it's more of a feature, because both voluminous and smooth hairstyles will suit you. This means that you can experiment with your look and look for your new style. The hairstyles we're going to tell you about can be done in a few minutes and don't require any accessories.

OBOZREVATEL will show you which styles are ideal for thin hair. You can try them right now, because they definitely won't make you feel hot (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Sleek ponytail with a hidden elastic band

The most win-win hairstyle option for sparse hair is a sleek ponytail. If your hair is short, you can choose a false ponytail that matches the colour of your curls. You will need a wax to "lick" the hair and an invisible tape to hide the elastic under the strand.


Sleek bun with a straight parting

Another stylish option for fine hair is a sleek bun. It is not necessary to make a straight parting. If you want to add a twist to your look, consider a side parting or a zigzag parting. But a straight parting will make you look more feminine and elegant. The bun can be tied either on top of the head or low.


Voluminous waves

For owners of thin hair, this style has a slightly different technique. First, you need to wash your hair and apply a sealing cream to wet hair, making sure to distribute the product along the entire length. To lift the hair at the roots, spray it with a volumising spray and then dry it. Only now can you start curling your curls with a curling iron.


As OBOZREVATEL previously told you, afro braids and combing should definitely not be done in the heat. Not only are these hairstyles outdated, they will also ruin your hair. To find out why, read our article.

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