2 best hairstyles for a round face: noticeably "refreshing" and slimming. Photo

The best hairstyles for a round face

When choosing a hairstyle, it's important to consider your face shape and appearance type, not certain trends. For example, round-faced beauties are strongly advised against haircuts and styling that further widen the face. In combination with eye-accented make-up, the right hairstyle can work real miracles with your look.

The list of hairstyles that not only optically slim and elongate the face, but also emphasise all its advantages is actually not that long. OBOZREVATEL offers you to get acquainted with the two most spectacular and winning options.

Bob haircut


The bob haircut has not left the trend podium for several years in a row. Fashionistas try different interpretations of it, experimenting with length, bangs, texture and volume. For beauties with a round face, a shortened nape and elongated strands with the so-called "shaggy" styling will be ideal.

Elongated strands will distract attention from the jawline and balance the width of the round face. Meanwhile, shaggy styling, which is a natural light waves of curls as if after the wind, will visually slim the face and make the image fresh.

Butterfly haircut with fringe bangs


A slightly tousled and upswept medium-length haircut with fringed bangs also shifts the emphasis away from the jawline, thus optically shaping thinner facial features. This hairstyle looks great with straight bangs. Light waves create a natural effect and visually add lightness to the whole look.

A medium-length haircut hides minor imperfections and emphasises the advantages of the face. In addition, this season, bangs are more relevant than ever, so you are guaranteed to have a fashionable look.

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