Russian billionaires and officials disappointed in Putin and want an end to the war: they fear complete isolation and dependence on the Kremlin

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Russia is losing billions
Russia is losing billions

Russian billionaires and top officials understand that they face years of international isolation and deepening dependence on the Kremlin. They want Russian President Vladimir Putin to negotiate with Ukraine by the end of the year and are convinced that the best situation would be to keep the already occupied territories.

This was reported by Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. "Many members of the political and business elite are tired of the war and want it to stop," the newspaper reports. At the same time, most members of the "elite" do not believe that Putin is really going to stop the war.

The sentiments of billionaires and top officials have also been affected by the drone attacks on Moscow. The feeling that Putin is the guarantor of security is disappearing. In addition, the military action has also spread to the territory of the Russian Federation - the Belgorod region.

Now, even those who position themselves as ardent supporters of the war believe that the best end would be to retain the occupied territories that have already been seized. At the same time, "elites" believe they cannot influence Putin, four people said.

"Officials have adapted to the situation, but no one sees light at the end of the tunnel - they are pessimistic about the future," said Alexandra Prokopenko, a former advisor to the Central Bank. In fact, Putin is dragging the "elites" into a war, effectively forcing them to finance military action and forbidding top officials to leave their positions.

At the same time, the "elites" fear that they will be internationally isolated for years to come. In such a case, financial dependence on the Kremlin will grow.

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