Russia may never recover from the war: Putin has turned Russia into a Chinese colony

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Russia is losing its economy
Russia is losing its economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned his country into a Chinese colony. If the Kremlin regime does not undergo drastic changes, Russia may never recover from the war.

This was reported by The Telegraph. "There is no situation so bad that Vladimir Putin and his cronies in the Kremlin cannot make it a little worse... Russia will now be a rogue state, closed to any foreign investment," the newspaper writes.

The Russian economy may never recover from this war, at least until a meaningful regime change takes place. The economic victory over Putin has already been won, regardless of what happens on the battlefield.

Isolating Russia would increase its dependence on China, leaving it open to exploitation. "There has never been a worse time to try to do business with Russia. "In the 1930s, Mexico was a leading oil producer, but after the oil company's main assets were confiscated, it was frozen out of world markets, exports halved, and Nazi Germany became its only major customer," the publication says.

History always plays out the same way, and it is always the country that seizes private property that ends up in the red.

Cut off from the rest of the world and deprived of foreign investment, Russia will not be able to mobilise the money and expertise it will need to rebuild even after the war is over.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, and Armenia sell sanctioned chips to Russia. Recently, Russian companies have been changing the code of goods so that banks can easily conduct problematic transactions.

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