Occupiers flood Melitopol stores with counterfeit "DPR" products: they sell fake "Roshen" and surrogate "Khortytsa"

Residents of Melitopol imported low-quality and dangerous products
Residents of Melitopol imported low-quality and dangerous products

In Melitopol, which is temporarily occupied by the Russians, there is an active trade in counterfeit products. Counterfeit Ukrainian brands such as Roshen, Khortitsa, and Obukhov are brought in from the territory of the so-called DPR.

Fakes are sold directly in supermarkets. In addition, goods from Uzbekistan are sold en masse at local markets, reports RIA Melitopol.

It is noted that in the confectionery departments of supermarkets one can find candy with the inscription "Roshen". However, they have nothing in common with the Ukrainian "Roshen".

"In fact, it's an adulterated product, with which the shelves of stores in Melitopol are simply flooded. The price per kilo ranges from 250 to 400 rubles and more. By the way, the "Romashka" candies from the "Roshen" factory were wrapped in a very similar wrapper called "Katyusha". The taste is disgusting, Melitopol residents say," reads the report.

Fakes of ''Roshen''

Before Gauleiter Yevhen Balitsky introduced the "dry law," the occupiers also managed to force the supermarket shelves with counterfeit alcohol. They sell counterfeit in bottles labeled "Khortytsa", "Khlebnyi Dar" and even Absolut.

As in the case of the candy, the vodka has nothing to do with Ukrainian and foreign producers. In addition, the product is sold without excise stamps at all.

"The occupiers were getting the local population drunk on surrogate alcohol. And the FSB officers, under whose cover the goods were sold, made super-profits," says the newspaper.


Surrogate ''Khortytsa''

Another Ukrainian brand that the occupiers are not satisfied with is Obukhov toilet paper. It is written on the rolls that they are allegedly produced in Obukhov, Kyiv region.

But in fact, according to local media, the paper is produced in occupied Makiivka. In addition, the occupants "decorated" the fake Obukhov paper with absurd inscriptions such as "Take Me," "Tenderness," and "100% Pleasure.

Local residents are assured that the paper is allegedly produced in Obukhov

In general, because of the sanctions imposed on Russia, it is not easy for the occupiers to organize the import of goods into occupied Melitopol. Household appliances, for example, are brought into the city exclusively from China and Turkey, and clothing and food - from Krasnodar, Rostov, Uzbekistan and through occupied Crimea.

"For example, dairy products are brought in from Dzhankoi. As for the local dairy factory, which was stolen by the Rashists, the taste qualities of the goods currently produced there have significantly declined. And the prices are out of line," say local residents.

In addition, traders from Uzbekistan "settled" in Melitopol. The occupation authorities officially opened the way for them to the city, inviting them in the fall to the so-called big fair called "Tashkent." "At that time Uzbeks came into town with their goods: linens, shoes, and dishes in the national style. However, after the fair, many decided to settle in Melitopol," the local media reported.

Traffickers from Uzbekistan

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, also in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia region, the occupiers come up with various ways to force Ukrainians to obtain Russian passports. For example, the invaders have initiated the "renegotiation" of agreements on electricity supply - this requires Russian documents, or else they promise to cut off the power.

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