Germany said about getting rid of energy from Russia: "we pay with security"

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Earlier, Germany refused to pay Russia for gas in rubles
Earlier, Germany refused to pay Russia for gas in rubles

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock stated the need to get rid of Russian energy resources. According to her, they pay double or triple the price of their own national security for cheap energy resources from Russia.

"This is why we are getting rid of dependence on energy from Russia. For every cubic meter of Russian gas, we have paid a double and triple price with national security. In the future, we will focus more on security when it comes to economic policy decisions," said Berbock, according to Ukrinform.

In this context, the minister mentioned the situation when the largest gas and oil storage facilities in Germany were owned by Russian Gazprom. Berbock stressed that after February 24, 2022, when Russia carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it became clear that Europe is vulnerable and the world is fragile: "Security in the 21st century is more than defense and diplomacy.

As reported, the German government developed the first ever National Security Strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany by analyzing the new security environment. The document is based on the concept of "Changing Times," proclaimed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the 3rd day after the start of a full-scale Russian war against Ukraine. Security implies not only ensuring the state's defense capabilities, but also its economic and energy independence and freedom to choose development paths.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, gas supplies from Russia to the European Union fell to the lowest point in history . This is due to the fact that the "Turkish Stream" was stopped for repairs.

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