Occupants used chemical weapons against the Ukrainian Armed Forces at Svatove and Bakhmut directions: what is the danger of chloropicrin

Occupants used chemical weapons against Ukrainian military

The Russian terrorist army continues to violate all international conventions and use chemical munitions against Ukraine. Thus, two cases of the occupants' use of chemical weapons were recorded at the Svatove and Bakhmut directions.

This is stated in the DeepState report as of the end of the day on November 14, 2023. It is likely that the enemy used chlorpicrin, which the Russian army has in abundance in its stockpile and which has been used against our troops before.

It should be noted that chloropicrin is a toxic chemical with irritating effects. Chloropicrin is hazardous to humans because it can be absorbed through the breath, swallowing or skin.

In high concentrations, chloropicrin causes severe irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Although less dangerous than other types of chemical weapons, this chemical can cause vomiting, dizziness, acute inflammation of the eyes, nose, and throat, and convulsions. It can also cause loss of consciousness and skin lesions.

All of these symptoms occur suddenly, and in high concentrations can lead to death in just a few minutes. In addition, chloropicrin can contaminate food and water.

During World War I, German forces used concentrated chloropicrin as a tear gas against the Entente forces.

As of today, the use of chloropicrin for military purposes is prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention, along with phosgene, chloroacetic acid, and hydrocyanic acid.

Despite this, the Russian army continues to use chemical munitions with chloropicrin against Ukraine.

As a reminder, more than 60 combat engagements took place at the frontline in Ukraine over the past day. The Ukrainian defenders inflicted new losses on the enemy, in particular, striking 16 times at the areas of concentration of personnel and destroying 3 enemy air defense systems.

The ISW also reported that the occupiers are conducting simultaneous offensives in several directions and are trying to regain the initiative north and south of Bakhmut. However, Ukrainian troops continue to put pressure on the enemy and are making progress at the tactical level along the front line.

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