How to lose weight when you're over 30 and nothing else works: fitness trainer reveals simple rules

Losing weight when the whole body is not working properly can be very difficult

Many people over the age of 30, amidst stress or constant overwork and poor nutrition, begin to have weight problems that seem to be invisible at first, but eventually lead to the fact that the reflection in the mirror no longer pleases, and an alarm goes off in the head. And it would seem that, having realised the problem, it should be quite easy to reverse it, but it was not.

Fitness and lifestyle coach Chris Davidson explains that the main problem is that by this time, our body is already like a computer that is slowing down, and it needs a factory reset to "come to its senses". In his blog, Davidson explains how to bring your body back to normal and get your metabolism going at full speed.

Why the body starts to slow down and gain weight

As we get older, work, family, and other commitments begin to take up more and more time, pushing sports, healthy eating, proper sleep, and much more to the back burner. As a result, three internal processes take place that only aggravate the situation.

Testosterone drops due to excess weight, junk food, alcohol, and lack of sleep, which means that mood, desire, and motivation for change also decrease.

Metabolism and digestion slow down due to the high sugar and trans fat content of processed foods. Bad food causes weight gain, bloating and indigestion. There is also a constant craving for sweet snacks, which leads to even more weight gain.

Stress "finishes off" the figure, which increases cortisol levels, lowering testosterone even further. Stress also impairs the quality and quantity of sleep and ultimately makes it difficult to develop new, healthier habits, as life already feels too stressful.

Davidson notes that these three internal processes need a complete reset, otherwise any attempts to get back in shape will be doomed.

How to restart your body

The fitness trainer advises first of all to restore energy by providing the body with 8 hours of sleep. He also recommends giving up alcohol. These two solutions alone will help restart testosterone, which will improve your mood and restore the drive and energy you need to develop new healthy habits.

To restore metabolism, Davidson recommends intermittent fasting. This can be eating at intervals of 6-8 hours and fasting for the rest of the day, or fasting for 24 hours twice a week (for example, eating lunch on Monday and not eating until Tuesday afternoon). Such fasting will help to reduce insulin levels and cause the body to use excess fat as fuel.

Rebooting your metabolism will result in no more bloating after meals, improved digestion, and the loss of body fat.

The expert admits that getting rid of stress won't be easy, but there are simple steps to take:

  • getting enough sleep;
  • exercise (especially walking in the fresh air);
  • taking supplements with ashwagandha (a natural antidepressant).

When your stress levels return to normal, this will help your natural testosterone production and metabolism to function properly.

How to consolidate the result

Next, Davidson advises developing new healthy habits that will help you get in shape, improve your health, energy and mood, and feel great.

To do this, you need:

  • exercise for at least two hours a week, ensuring that your muscles are stressed;
  • follow a sleep schedule (falling asleep at the same time every day), which will ensure the right level of testosterone, reduce stress, normalise metabolism, provide energy and focus the next day;
  • avoid gadgets, TV or bright lights 30 minutes before going to bed;
  • limit junk food and alcohol, allowing yourself to relax a little on weekends;
  • avoid spicy, sweet snacks and alcohol in the evening.

Davidson emphasises that by restructuring the main internal processes - testosterone, metabolism and stress - "it will be much easier for you to start forming healthy habits related to exercise, sleep and diet that will enable you to work much more efficiently, look much better and feel much better at the same time."

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, Japanese scientists conducted a study and found that proper chewing of food can help avoid obesity and metabolic syndrome. The chewing process not only increases energy consumption but also improves bowel function.

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