Who has the highest salary growth in Ukraine: professions are named

The professions that pay the most in Ukraine are named
The professions with the highest salaries in Ukraine. Source: Pexels / EVG Kowalievska

The average salary in Ukraine remained at the same level. However, salaries in some industries are growing – in particular, insurers, educators, telecommunications workers, and lawyers have been paid more.

According to a popular job search portal, the average salary did not increase in March, unlike in previous months, and remained at UAH 20 thousand. In particular, salaries remained unchanged in Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv regions, where the average salary is UAH 19 and UAH 20 thousand, respectively.

However, in some regions, salaries have increased. In particular, this applies to:

  • Kharkiv region (+500 UAH to 18 thousand UAH);
  • Kyiv region (+400 UAH to 22,400 UAH);
  • Odesa region (+600 UAH to UAH 20,000).

In addition, in March, the labor market saw an increase in wages for representatives of certain professions:

  • "Insurance" – UAH 25 thousand (+14% compared to February);
  • "Real estate" – UAH 37.5 thousand (+7%);
  • "Education, science" – UAH 17.5 thousand (+6%);
  • "Media, publishing, printing" – UAH 20 thousand (+5%);
  • "Telecommunications and communications" – UAH 21 thousand (+5%);
  • "Law" – UAH 19.6 thousand (+5%).

The ranking of the highest salaries (except for executive positions and the IT industry) was headed by the military – specialists in the Defense Forces of Ukraine were paid an average of UAH 70 thousand in March. Among the civilian professions, the leaders were media buyers (UAH 52.5 thousand), international drivers (UAH 45 thousand), endodontists, straighteners, realtors (UAH 40 thousand each), and business analysts (UAH 38 thousand).

Interestingly, some professions are willing to pay much more than the average salary even without work experience and special skills. Such jobs are offered both to those who are willing to do physical work and to some office workers.

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