How to return tulle to white: the Chinese way

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What to wash tulle with

White tulle fades over time under the influence of various factors - from dust entering through an open window to drops of grease and dirt settling in some rooms, such as the kitchen. It is not easy to restore tulle whiteness of tulle.

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If you wash tulle with aggressive chemicals, such as some types of bleach, the fibers of the fragile fabric can quickly be damaged.

You can fill a container with cold water and add a little detergent. After placing the tulle in the water, you should wait no longer than an hour, then gently rinse the fabric, rinse it, and hang it up to dry.

But the most effective way to whiten tulle is with ordinary table salt. Mix salt and laundry detergent in equal proportions and pour warm water over the mixture. It is recommended to use no more than 100-120 g of salt per 10 liters of water.

It is recommended to leave the tulle in the saline solution for several hours. After that, rinse the fabric under running water and dry it.

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