"We have 3-5 years to prepare": Estonian Prime Minister warns of possible Russian aggression against NATO

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Kaja Kallas speaks about Russia's possible aggression against NATO

The head of the Estonian government, Kaja Kallas, believes that the aggressor country Russia could pose a serious threat to the eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance in the coming years. In her opinion, Europe has about three to five years to prepare for a possible military threat from Moscow.

Callas said this in an interview with The Times, published on Friday, January 15. In her statements, the official referred to information from Estonian intelligence.

She noted that in the case of a hypothetical freezing of the war in Ukraine, Moscow would need three to five years to restore its military potential. Then Russia could be a real threat to NATO's eastern flank.

The situation will largely depend on how Ukraine's allies manage to maintain unity in supporting and assisting the country.

"Russia needs a pause to gather resources and forces. Weakness provokes aggressors, so weakness provokes Russia," she said.

Kallas emphasized that Western countries need to join forces as soon as possible and provide more weapons to the Ukrainian army. Only then will Ukraine be able to deliver a "decisive blow" and permanently deprive Moscow of the ability to threaten neighboring countries.

In the long term, the Estonian prime minister believes that the Alliance should adopt a Cold War-like strategy of "containment" of Russia. First of all, defense spending by each NATO member should be increased to at least 2.5% of GDP.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the media found a secret document that states that the German army is preparing for an armed conflict with Russia. It is a scenario of the exercise called Alliance Defense 2025, which describes how Putin will act and how NATO will be forced to defend itself.

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